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Hey! I'm Evan Lu

Student journalist, passionate leader and lifelong learner.


Here’s My Story

Dear friend, welcome to my humble abode — a string of code, yes, but also my own, deliciously personal corner of the web. Here you'll find the culmination of my four years in journalism, including my work for  High School's student-run newspaper The Spoke. Please explore and enjoy!

My Education

Conestoga High School

The Spoke, Varsity Squash, Public Health Club, Biology Club, Annenberg Medical Symposium, Academic Competition

Yale University (incoming)

Bachelor's in Public Policy and Biology

Skills & Interests







Thank you!

To the advisers who became my mentors — Cyndi Hyatt, Susan Gregory, Allison Ferriola, Laura Howard and Nicole Zakorchemny — thank you. Your constructive criticism and constant guidance helped me become a better writer, reporter, student, leader and person.

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